Match Day

Match Day Ceremony 2018

When: Friday, March 16th 11AM-1:30PM - doors open at 11, envelopes will be opened promptly at 12 EST so please arrive by 11:30

Where: IUPUI Student Center, CE 450 @ 420 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202 or stream it HERE

What to expect:  Match Day is where we open our envelopes telling us where we matched for residency. This has traditionally been a big event for the medical school class, and this year will be no different. Nearly all major staff will be present to show your family around! The official program will begin at 11:30 AM at which time some IU Med representatives will give a few quick speeches. We will begin passing out the envelopes at 11:45. This part will require some direction following to ensure all students get their envelopes efficiently! At 12PM ( ON THE DOT) we will begin our countdown and everyone will open their envelopes. You then will be able to go up and announce where you matched. We will call people up by randomly assigned groups, which you will be told ahead of time, so no one will know if you didn't want to announce.

When will this be over? The event traditionally ends around 1:30 PM after the last student has announced their match, but you can leave at any time if you and your family have lunch plans.

Additional details from the school can be found HERE

Match Day Shirts: Many have already been distributed, the rest will be available outside the room on match day!

Can I bring my parents? YES. Family is encouraged to come to share with you in this special day. There is no entry fee, but space could be slightly crowded if everyone brings their extended family, but whatever, it's our day, enjoy.

Where to park? There are a variety of garages very close to the student center. Luckily, the students of IUPUI should be on Spring Break then, so that will help with street parking. The Vermont Street garage is a large, visitor-pay garage located just west of the campus center, at 1004 West Vermont Street. I've attached a picture to the right. IUPUI also publishes a comprehensive map of parking options which is accessible HERE

What if I don't match? Know that you are still a valuable member of this community and we look forward to seeing you at the events! You are 100% invited to any and all school events, and when you undoubtedly match into your field of choice the next year. There will be no official designation for anyone to know (without asking you) that you did not match.

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